Silane Guard liquid glass: automobile test, how to use, customer reviews and opinions

Silane Guard by Willson is an innovative liquid glass coating created in leading laboratories of Japan about a year ago. The product has already won the market leadership in most of Asian countries and now is available for customers.

Why you may need Silane Guard?

If you are a car owner, there are a lot of minor troubles that can make your car look worse and make you upset:

  • minor scratches on the car body;
  • paint cracks from sun, rain or snow exposure;
  • faded car body color;
  • uneven surface and a lot more.

You can solve all these problems and protect your car from damages and aggressive environmental factors by liquid glass shield offered by Willson brand.

How does it work? Results of using Willson Silane Guard liquid glass

This product can help you coat your car like a pro without extra expenses!

Three patents, two years of laboratory tests and trials and multiple impressive before-and-after pictures of happy car owners from all over the world – this is what you need to know about liquid glass car coating.

Quick facts about Willson Silane Guard:

  • Color restoration — 92% according to instrumental tests;
  • Elimination of minor cracks and scratches – 87% according to instrumental tests;
  • Shining surface – 98%;
  • One package is enough for 2-3 layers or 2-3 medium-sized vehicles;
  • The shield lasts up to 1 year or up to 40 car washes.

You can read dozens of reviews and forum comments from satisfied customers and learn about their experience with this product. If you are sick and tired of car body imperfections and want to prevent troubles in the future – one package of this car body coating can help you avoid major expenses later. The formula is safe for all types of auto paints, the product is easy to use and can be ordered online. Please, note that you won’t find the original product anywhere except for the official website. On Amazon there is a high chance to buy a counterfeited product or overpay.

How does it work? Results of using Willson Silane Guard liquid glass

A number of instrumental tests carried out by the manufacturer along with customer experience prove Silane Guard has several key benefits that distinguish is from competitors.

Due to patented formula, it creates water-repellant brilliant coating on the car body. No need to use professional application services: it can be applied by anyone with the help of special cloth and a pair of disposable gloves (that are included in the original package).

The contents of one package is enough for 3-layer coating of a medium-sized sedan body for maximum protection from rains, snowfalls and aggressive road deicing substances.

Due to its unique molecular structure Silane Guard can build-up dirt protection layer to decrease the frequency of car washing services. When dirty, your car can be cleaned faster and easier with minimum or no detergents. The coating perfectly fills the micro-cracks. It helps protect the auto from corrosion during long winters.

The enamel consists of recently developed polymers with temperature and damage resistance. You can use the polish to protect the surface from abrasion, UV impact, scratching and even acid rains.

Brilliant experience: customers and professionals discuss Silane Guard

Give your vehicle a freshly waxed look for up to 1 year! It can be done in no time and with minimum financial expenditures. Due to affordable price and super-easy application this product is great for all automobile enthusiasts. If you want to know how to apply Silane Guard, read instructions on the package. A few simple steps will help you use the car polish in your own garage. Do not hesitate, buy now and try the high-quality car coating set created by well-known Japanese manufacturer.

Brilliant experience: customers and professionals discuss Silane Guard

James Tumblehome, 41 years old

I read a lot of positive comments about Silane Guard liquid glass on auto forums and was very glad, when it became possible to order – perhaps I was one of the first customers. The whole process of application took about two hours including surface preparation. My car looked amazing as never before. After 8 months of active use my vehicle is still protected from scratches, snow and deicing salts. This product by Willson can do everything that manufacturers promise. I’m going to buy one more next year.

Paul Gerard, car service center specialist

I recommend using Willson Silane Guard instead of regular car wax for several reasons. This coating is resistant to heat, chemicals and physical impact: it protects vehicles from scratches left by sand, small stones and other sharp objects. The coating effectively covers the paint layer, is easy and quick to apply, lasts a lot longer and costs less that car waxing at a reputable service center. It has dozens of great reviews and testimonials. I recommend it!

Negative comments and reviews about Willson Silane Guard: why they appear

Many car service centers have already included this liquid glass coating in their range of services. However, there are some neutral or negative reviews from specialists and regular customers that make potential buyers doubtful about Silane Guard properties. Let’s try to find the truth.

  1. “The effect lasts for a month or so, the product is too expensive and time-consuming” – if customers have no idea how to use the product right, such a situation may happen. The surface was not properly prepared before application, Silane Guard coating won’t be able to cover the paint layer as the second skin. 97% of those who applied it correctly recommend the coating to their friends and family. Just make sure you follow the instructions.
  2. “The product is a fake” – be aware of swindlers. Many high-quality products get counterfeited, and it proves the great effect you can get by using the original one. Willson Silane Guard can be purchased from the legit sellers only. Everything you can find on third-party sites or on Amazon is 99% a fake.

How to apply Silane Guard? Professional car service advice

How to apply Silane Guard? Professional car service advice

To learn how to apply Willson Silane Guard properly, you can use the instructions on the package or read it below.

How to use liquid glass correctly?

  1. The product should be applied over clean and dry surface.
  2. Evenly apply the liquid glass over the part of the car body. Use the cloth to spread it evenly and add brilliant shine.
  3. Repeat for all parts of the car body. Do not use on glass surfaces and mirrors.

You can apply the product in your garage, outdoors or at any service center, but make sure the temperature is above zero.

Silane Guard active components and their action

You can find detailed information of each ingredient of Silane Guard on Wikipedia and other trustworthy resources. The complete formula created by Japanese scientists with precise dosage of each component and their ratio is protected by a patent law. The ingredients are all safe for all paint and lacquer types and have obtained a quality certificate.

The key ingredient of Silane Guard liquid glass is organosilicon polymer reinforced with silicon dioxide (SiO₂), you can read about it on Wikipedia. It created a film that partially crystalizes in a few seconds but needs up to 3 days for complete crystallization. Hand wash is allowed in 72 hours, while a non-contact car wash is allowed in two weeks.

Silane Guard: precautions and product drawbacks

The only serious limitation is that after you open the bottle you need to use it within 7 days. You can apply a few layers of liquid glass coating on your own vehicle or use it for several cars. The vehicle should be washed, clean and dry before application. Do not drive the freshly coated car for about 6-8 hours after Silane Guard application.

Where to buy the original Silane Guard? Legit sellers

Where to buy the original Silane Guard? Legit sellers

Please, be aware of cheap counterfeited products sold under the same name. The original Silane Guard can be purchased from the


Ads you can find on Amazon are created by third-party companies and individuals, who cannot guarantee genuine quality of the product. Report, if you find such offers, as it is a fake. Product manufacturer guarantees genuine quality of the product. To distinguish original Silane Guard from fakes, see the pictures and information at the official website.

How to order the original?

  • Go to the site of legit sellers and leave your name and contact phone in the correspondent fields. Please note: authorized resellers never require a payment at this stage. Pay only after you receive the product.
  • Company managers will contact you as soon as possible and give you a free consultation about product properties, order and delivery.

Receive your package and carry out a payment.

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